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Boys Varsity Basketball**: 16-6

Boys JV Basketball*: 3-2

Girls Varsity Basketball: 5-16

Girls JV Basketball*: 0-3




Tuesday, February 25, 2020
8:00pm Basketball: Boys Varsity Regional Tournament

69-62 WIN and heading to Regional Semifinal.

vs. Indian River

Friday, February 28, 2020
6:00pm Basketball: Boys Varsity Regional Tournament

76-59 LOSS

vs. Norview

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KHS PLAYOFFS 2020: Boys Varsity Basketball Avenges 2017 Quarterfinal Loss. Wed, 26 Feb 2020 15:38:00 +0000 Boys Basketball has Defeated Indian River in Regional Quarterfinal.

In a game that had Indian River predicted to repeat the 2018 playoffs, with a win over the Kecoughtan Warriors quickly changed sides as the Warriors power their way to an upset and a victory. The Warriors would go into the game riding an impressive 16-6 overall record and hoping to claim victory after their loss in the regular season finale against Menchville last week. While many were predicting a repeat from the 2018 Quarterfinal with an Indian River win, the Warriors were preparing to prove the experts wrong.

With lighting fast efficiency in scoring, The Kecoughtan Warriors would take the lead early in the game and hang on to the lead all the way as they would go to the free throw line 18 times, compared to the 5 times the Braves went there, the game ended up coming close to a lead change late in the 3rd quarter when the Warriors led the braves 44-42, with just a two-pointer to change the lead, it ended up being Kecoughtan extending the lead and quickly took care of the Braves’ offense with jaw dropping blocks by Vincent Cousins in transition.

With just 45 seconds left in this upset, the Warriors led 67-58 and came through in free throws at the foul line by DeJuan Campbell and Jaylin Davis to make it 69-58. The final score would end up being 69-62, a testament to the durability of the Kecoughtan Warriors when leading early in the game and keeping the lead, even extending it all the way to the end of the game.

While the Indian River Braves end their season with a 17-5 regular season record, the Kecoughtan Warriors will move on to the Boys Basketball Regional Semifinal at the Norfolk Scope where they will face Norview for a trip to the Region 5A State Quarterfinals. The Warriors proving strong in the end of this game, hanging on to the lead and keeping themselves in check to prevent foul-line throws for the Braves, we’ll see if they can do it again on Friday as they battle for a trip to the State Quarterfinals on the line.


  • But first, Congrats to Cordell Gregg (sophomore) for his 6th place finish at the Class 5 Wrestling Championships! 
  • And congrats to State Champ (again)! Congratulations to Senior Brieanna Romney for finishing 1st in the 50 Free at the Class 5 Championship meet at George Mason with a time of 23.48 and 2nd in her 100 freestyle with a time of 51.23.
  • Spring Sports will be beginning scrimmages and practices this coming month on March 9th.


Tribal Times Sports has you covered with exclusive coverage of the 2020 VHSL Boys Basketball playoffs and the Kecoughtan Warriors’ Road to States.


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The XFL is Back, This Time it’s Xperimental. Thu, 06 Feb 2020 13:13:38 +0000 Welcome Back, XFL

A system designed to fail in its first iteration back in 2001, the XFL has returned proposing new rule changes that have set them apart from the National Football League, rules they think will provide a more upbeat and exciting atmosphere for fans and the love of football. The XFL used to be known as the extremest form of American football and provided plenty of brutal hits to satisfy the bloodlust that sports fans share no matter what sport it is, however it could not finish its first season, like the now-deceased Alliance of American Football, it failed to receive the attention that even the NFL needs to stay relevant. 

That is no longer the case of the rebooted XFL, mostly because it has received contracts from the Disney-owned ABC and ESPN networks and the Fox Sports networks and FS1. No matter what other people say, those are actually the contracts needed to survive, however NBC and CBS have also shown interest in the XFL, CBS-owned NFL Network and CBS Sports were a part of the broadcasting contracts for the Alliance and ultimately ended up suffering for its disbandment.

As a result, CBS Sports have cut corners in their broadcasting, producing less college basketball games and even walking out on negotiations for the Southeastern Conference football games opening the doors for ESPN/ABC to increase their “media monopoly” on college football. 

The main question is how will teaming up with Disney and Fox help protect the re-established league from the same financial struggles that it faced 18 years ago? The answer, simple really, ESPN and Fox Sports racks up the most viewership than any other network or its sports division, the more viewership and ticket sales, the more money for the XFL and its players. 

Another thing that ESPN and Fox have helped the XFL in already is advertising, promoting programs such as, “the XFL on FOX” or “ESPN XFL” have taken excitement for the new league to levels not normally reached for a league that isn’t associated with the NFL, however, the NFL has helped the XFL when it comes to how to solve problems created with football, thanks to the XFL’s head of officiating, former NFL Replay official and vice-president of officiating, Dean Blandino. 

Blandino and the XFL have changed the traditional way of playing football to make it safer for the players and create less downtime to boost viewership, beyond levels, that the NFL has never seen. These new rules that the XFL are adding to their league are rules, that even I wish the NFL would explore the possibilities for these rules. If proven successful, would the XFL catch up to the popularity of the NFL? The short answer is no, while the long answer would involve the XFL doing literally everything the XFL does, and that’s not why the XFL was rebooted, it was, as they put it, “for the love of football” and being a complete copy of the NFL is not for the love of football. If the XFL is to succeed, it must remember why they are there, for the love of football. For short video on the new rules, go to



  • The XFL will launch on February 8th, with new rules that will create more excitement and less downtime, its inaugural season will begin at Audi Field in the D.C. area as the Seattle Dragons will face the D.C Defenders at 2pm on ABC.
  • The NBA’s all-stars will gather in Chicago, IL on February 16th for the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend at 8:00pm on TNT.
  • Defending women’s soccer World Cup champion, Team USA will battle it out in the CONCACAF qualifiers against Costa Rica for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
  • The 2020 MLB Spring Training is just one week away, beginning at Ft. Meyers in Florida with intercollegiate Northeastern University Huskies and MLB’s Boston Red Sox at 1:05 on February 21st.
  • NASCAR returns for the Great American Race, the Daytona 500 on February 16th, green flag expected at 2:30pm on FOX.


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Save your Money with Low Budget Colleges Wed, 05 Feb 2020 20:35:09 +0000 Low Budget Colleges: What’s up with them and how to use them as an Advantage.

The cost of college tuition is one of the main obstacles when applying for college. They can be expensive. The costs can be different depending on whether the college is in or out of the state you live in, the years the you are enrolling for, whether you live on or off campus.


In this survey, the College Board reports the average pricing for colleges during 2018-19:

  • In-state, public: $25,890
  • Out-of-state, public: $41,950
  • Private: $52,500


This only for one academic year. It all adds up primarily from tuition fees (in-state public/out-of-state public/private), housing, meal plans, school supplies, transportation (public/private), and personal expenses.


In 2017-18, the average annual cost for cheap, inexpensive colleges is $5,733, more than $1,100 and less than $8,000. Most are cheaper due to being public institutions sponsored by state and city governments.


Over the last three decades, college tuition has increased by 1,120 percent. However, there are tuition-free colleges. These colleges offer free tuition or other financial assistance. One of these colleges is Alice Lloyd. While tuition is free, there are still costs and obstacles. On average, 18 percent of applicants are accepted and the cost of living in a dormitory is annually $1,900. No college is entirely free or without roadblocks.


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The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Champions. Mon, 03 Feb 2020 14:59:44 +0000 Kansas City Chiefs wins First Super Bowl in Fifty Years.

On the fiftieth anniversary of their first Super Bowl win, the Kansas City Chiefs came out strong against the San Francisco 49ers to win their second Super Bowl. In what will seem like a never-ending party in Kansas City also seemed like an eternity waiting in this Super Bowl, as it was a showdown of the highest-rated offense (Chiefs) and defense (49ers), after the smoke cleared and pyrotechnics welcomed in the AFC and NFC champions into the world’s biggest stage, it was time to get down to business.

With a game starting right out the gate in the first quarter, 49ers first to score with a 26-yard field goal and the Chiefs took the lead with a rushing touchdown by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, league MVP of last year and Super Bowl MVP of this year. The Chiefs would take a field goal making it 10-3 and the 49ers would light up the scoreboard with their first TD of the game. 

The first half would expire with a 10-10 tie, second half rolls in and it gets even crazier with touchdowns being scored left and right, the 49ers retook the lead with a rushing TD by RB Raheem Mostert after an interception by LB Fred Warner.

It was in the fourth, and the 49ers were up 20-10. The Chiefs would catch up with a short pass to TE Travis Kelce making it a three point game. Kansas City would end up putting it all on the line with a short pass to Damien Williams, the Chiefs would take the lead with a 24-20 lead. The 49ers would have the chance to retake the lead with a 70-yard shotgun pass from QB Jimmy Garappolo to TE George Kittle, however an OPI (Offensive Pass Interference) penalty on Kittle, most people are calling it controversial. After that, the 49ers accidentally created a delay of game penalty in the game on top of a loss of down due to a sack by DE Frank Clark.

The Chiefs would score once again to make the final score of 31-20, after that the 49ers continued to spiral as they gave a last effort for the title as Kendall Fuller would intercept the final ball leading up to the Chiefs offense kneeing the ball, just like a Madden NFL game, and finally winning their first Super Bowl in 50 years.

Kansas City would win their second Super Bowl in their franchise’s history, Pat Mahomes would become the youngest Super Bowl MVP in history and the youngest to win the Super Bowl after claiming league MVP, and head coach Andy Reid would win his first Super Bowl title in his career after falling short of an appearance multiple times and falling short of the title back in 2004 against the defending Super Bowl Champion, New England Patriots. 

{Patriots went back-to-back in Super Bowls with XXXVIII (2003) and XXXIX (2004)} The Chiefs ended the night in a flash of red and yellow confetti raining down from the top of Hard Rock Stadium and claimed immortality at last.


  • The XFL will launch on February 8th, with new rules that will create more excitement and less downtime, its inaugural season will begin at Audi Field in the D.C. area as the Seattle Dragons will face the D.C Defenders at 2pm on ABC.
  • The NBA’s all-stars will gather in Chicago, IL on February 16th for the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend at 8:00pm on TNT.
  • Defending women’s soccer World Cup champion, Team USA will battle it out in the CONCACAF qualifiers against Costa Rica for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
  • The 2020 MLB Spring Training is just one week away, beginning at Ft. Meyers in Florida with intercollegiate Northeastern University Huskies and MLB’s Boston Red Sox at 1:05 on February 21st.
  • NASCAR returns for the Great American Race, the Daytona 500 on February 16th, green flag expected at 2:30pm on FOX.


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LA Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash. Fri, 31 Jan 2020 15:42:06 +0000 LA Lakers Legend Killed with Eight Other People in Helicopter Crash.

In what seemed like a normal Sunday in Los Angeles, it quickly turned to tragedy as news reports broke about Kobe Bryant’s death. The NBA legend, at the age of 41, was in a helicopter crash with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, long-time pilot, Ara Zobayan, and six other people. The California state police was quick to respond to a hillside, where the crash occurred, in Calabasas (north of Los Angeles), after the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released a statement saying, “…the helicopter was flying in dense fog where it was waiting for a signal to turn back, until it was too late, when it got the message the helicopter was too low after making its 180-degree turn, it crashed into a hillside.” 

Members of the Los Angeles County Police Department were visibly disturbed after making it to the crash site, as they reported that no passengers survived the crash. Meanwhile, in the NBA, thoughts and prayers were sent out to the families and games were already ready and couldn’t be cancelled, the players and fans did not want the games to happen, however it was too late. 

While players played through emotions, they also worked with the opposing team and with one 24-second shot clock violation, came another, in honor of #24. After that teams also, exhibited an 8-second backcourt violation (for Bryant’s #8) until after Sunday ended with a record 16 (one from each team, 8 played) enforced violations. During that time in Los Angeles, fans gathered far and wide to the Staples Center to pay tribute to the late Laker legend, shooting trash balls into a can with the “Kobe” chant and setting up flowers and murals honoring him and his daughter. The Lakers came home to emotional hugs at LAX and LeBron James in tears, after learning the last man to congratulate him passing Kobe on the all-time scoring list was Kobe himself, it was classic for Bryant, in fact that was the last tweet Bryant would send out before his untimely death.

As Sunday would ultimately end on music’s biggest stage, the Grammys, it didn’t stop the Staples Center from shining a spotlight into the rafters, where #8 and #24 are. Most people in heartbreak and shock, Lakers greats missing their brother, while there is a hole that will remain in the sports world for a long time, basketball fans alike come together to remember the Black Mamba, Bryant’s nickname and his daughter.

Murals and memorials set for the man who did it all, five time NBA Champion, 18 time all-star, Olympic Gold medalist, league MVP, Oscar winner, father, and husband, the main thing that he wanted to be was an inspiration and I can speak for everyone on this earth, when I say he was. 

While most people will remember Kobe Bryant as a basketball legend, some people will also remember his way of looking at life and challenges in such, a certain mentality that taught future generations of basketball players and sports personalities to never give up and to hone all of your training, skills, and passion into your craft and achieve excellence no matter where you are.


  • Super Bowl LIV is set with the champions of the AFC, Kansas City Chiefs and NFC champion, San Francisco 49ers battling it out on February 2nd in Miami on FOX.
  • Buildings and arenas donning the purple and gold in honor of late LA Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant.
  • The XFL will launch on February 8th, with new rules that will create more excitement and less downtime, its inaugural season will begin at Audi Field in the D.C. area as the Seattle Dragons will face the D.C Defenders at 2pm on ABC.


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The LSU Tigers are National Champions. Tue, 14 Jan 2020 17:14:59 +0000 The LSU Tigers are Your 2020 College Football Playoff National Champions.

In what will seem like a never-ending party in Louisiana also seemed like an eternity waiting in this National Championship, as it was a showdown and shootout of the highest-rated offenses, after the smoke cleared and pyrotechnics welcomed in the two teams to the epicenter of College Football, it was time to get down to business.

 With a game starting right out the gate in the first quarter, Clemson was the first team to score with their QB Trevor Lawrence, hero of last year’s National Championship in Santa Clara against Alabama. LSU would also go on the board early in the first quarter with WR Ja’Marr Chase.

The first half would expire with a 28-17 clash with LSU in the lead, second half rolls in and it gets even crazier with touchdowns being scored left and right, even gets QB Joe Burrow to shatter the NCAA single-season passing touchdowns record after a catch by another man on offense, Thaddeus Moss, son of Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018 and one the most explosive Wide Receivers in NFL history, Randy Moss. While Burrow moves on to the NFL, along with Moss, Jefferson, and likely Chase going into the draft as prospects on offense, the defense would make the final stop in the title game.

It was in the fourth, LSU defense keeping Trevor Lawrence away from 50, and making him fumble the ball in the pressure with Grant Delpit taking him down and Derek Stingley picking it up and placing it on the 45, that was when LSU decided that they were done, they have just became the first team to cap a 15-0 perfect season, along with becoming the first to defeat 7 AP top-10 teams, first to beat the top 4 teams in the AP preseason poll, becoming the winningest SEC team of all-time, making the most points in the AP Poll era, and their first CFP National title (fourth college football national title). Burrow heads out onto the field for his final time wearing an LSU uniform and knees the ball for the final time.

While Trevor Lawrence loses his first ever College Football game in his entire career with a historic personal 29-1 record, he still has time before the NFL teams start calling him. LSU achieved the impossible and through all odds proved their case as not only the greatest team of the 150th College Football season, but the greatest of all time.


]]> 0 The Boys are Climbing in the Rankings Mon, 13 Jan 2020 13:35:30 +0000 Boys Varsity Basketball Continue to Climb.

Starting out undefeated at 7-0, the Warriors would receive their first loss of the season against Churchland. This record is not including the 51-65 loss to Norview during the main event of Howard White Hoops Classic weekend. Kecoughtan would manage to claim wins against powerhouse teams such as Bethel, Hampton, Warwick, Gloucester, and even the State Championship runner-up Phoebus.

Averaging 30 points a game, the Warriors have achieved new heights of formidability, led by Head Coach Willie Gause. The Warriors have established themselves at Playoff favorites for the regional title, being undefeated in Region wins at 7-0. In the entire state, Boys Varsity has improved their ranking from last year from being 120th to being 93rd.

The Warriors fell short last year against Nansemond River in the first round of the VHSL Regional Playoffs, achieving a record of 7-3, the Warriors this year have already claimed a win streak not seen at this school in a long time.

It’s still early in the season, but while everyone else sees the Warriors as Regional favorites, I see them as State Champions. I could be crazy, or I could just be sane enough to see that Kecoughtan will win the State title this year. Last year, Phoebus almost won the State title, they fell in the Championship to Northside, 58-60 was the final score. This year, Kecoughtan could be potential favorites for the State Championship.



  • The Road to Super Bowl LIV is down to only four teams, two NFC, two AFC. For predictions and news concerning the Conference Championships, as well as scores from the Divisional Games, go to
  • Major League Soccer held its 2020 Superdraft, fifteen players were selected from Virginia colleges. for the complete list, go to
  • The XFL has unveiled its new revolutionary rules that they’re saying will “…make kickoffs safer and increase excitement in a shorter game altogether.” For the full set of rules, go to
  • LSU vs Clemson fight for the College Football Playoff National Championship, tonight at 8:00pm on ESPN.



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Guitar Class’ December 11, 2019 Winter Concert Reflection Fri, 20 Dec 2019 19:53:03 +0000 The Guitar Class of Kecoughtan High School recently had a Winter Concert on December 11, 2019 in the auditorium. The event was free and open to the public, and I’m positive that everyone had a wonderful night. Overall, the whole event was spectacular and it was a festive transition into the holidays. 

The Guitar Concert was performed by both the Beginner Guitar and Advanced Guitar classes, with each one having specific pieces that relate to the students’ skill level. However, before the jolly performance began, guitar teacher Jerry Sowers lit up the “Grand Illumination,” which was the colorful Christmas tree light up that set the jolly mood for the rest of the program. To start off this festive program, the Beginner Guitar class played “Spanish Theme,” a piece written in Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1, which is a piece written for the high E string on the guitar. After that the class played a variety of pieces from both the Hal Leonard Book and from classical composers, such as Beethoven. The pieces that the Beginner Class played during the performance include “World Beat,” “Ode to Joy,” “Rockin’ Robin,” “Au Clair De La Lune,” “Sparkling Stella,” “Aura Lee,” “Worried Man Blues,” “Jingle Bells,” and “Tallis’s Canon.” After the Beginning Class finished playing “Tallis’s Canon,” the Advanced Class joined in and both classes ended up playing this piece in a harmonious and peaceful tune. “Tallis’s Canon” was the perfect transition to the Advanced Groups’ pieces. The pieces of music that the advanced group played include “Carol of the Bells,” “Greensleeves,” “Away in a Manger,” “O Holy Night,” “The First Noel,” and “Silver Bells.” After “Silver Bells,” both classes bowed elegantly in front of the audience and the festive concert was, sadly, over.

Students in the Beginners Guitar Class include: Ryan Baird, Kaelyn Bever, Angelica Cotto, Shyan Cullipher, Jayla Foreman, Charlene Hall, Matthew Hall, Olivia Haas, Jonathan Hernandez, Nicholas Hester, Caleb Jenkins, William Ketterman, Lily Lambert, Lee Logan, Brian Lopez, Ethan Martinez, Luke Mitchell, Michael Moore, Daamin Muhammed, Richard Oben, Malachi Santiago, Benjamin Schwartz, Terrance Stapleton, Joaquin Timms, Liam Wallace, and Camielle Wilson. The Advanced Guitar Class were divided into 2 year, 3 year, and 4 year students. Students in 2 year guitar include: Haley Herron, Jonathan Kelley, Zakary Keener, Daniel Medina, William Shaw, and Anthony Stapleton. Students in 3 year guitar include: James Lamb and Brian Taylor. Finally, Kwinton Banks is a student who has been taking guitar class for 4 years.



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College Football 150: A Game Symbolic to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Tue, 03 Dec 2019 06:00:07 +0000

SB Nation
Princeton vs Rutgers, 1869.


On November 6th, 1869, two young football teams would play the first game of a sport that would last more than a century, those two teams were the New Jersey (Princeton) Tigers and the Rutgers Queensmen. This game would become known by many names, one of those names, the Battle at the Birthplace, but the one name symbolic to all fans of the sport, is the first ever college football game. The Queensmen would end up winning 6-4 and would kickstart an American Phenomenon, unlike any other.






Virginia Sports Hall of Fame
Richmond College Colts vs Randolph-Macon College Yellow jackets, 1881


Another state that would introduce college football was the Commonwealth of Virginia, Starting in 1881 was the Richmond College Colts (University of Richmond Spiders), they would play their first season on December 3rd, against the Randolph-Macon College Yellow Jackets which also began in 1881, the Colts would beat the Yellow Jackets and technically have a perfect season. The Colts would be renamed Spiders for the reorganized, University of Richmond. They would go to be playoff bound 11 times and win the NCAA D1 Football Championship Subdivision’s National Championship in 2008.




University of Virginia
1887 Team photo of Cavaliers Football program


Soon the University of Virginia would begin its own football program in 1887, and played one game against Pantops Academy, it ended in a tie 1-1. In 1888 the young Cavaliers would win against Pantops, 20-0, they would go on to win two of their three games, all in shutouts. On November 20th, the Cavaliers would play their first game against a future D1 school in Annapolis, MD. Navy’s football team would beat Virginia 22-12 in their final game of the season. The 1889, 1890, 1892-1897 teams all claimed Southern championships. The 116–0 drubbing by Princeton in 1890 signaled football’s arrival in the south. The South’s Oldest Rivalry started in 1892, when Virginia split games with North Carolina. The 1897 team had a scoreless tie with Vanderbilt in a game billed as the championship of the South.







VMI Keydets Football
1892 VMI keydets football team in a rushing formation.


Just under the first military school’s football program that began in 1879, Navy Midshipmen of Annapolis, are the VMI Keydets beginning officially in 1891. They previously played in 1873 against the Washington and Lee Generals (1873), but lost 4-2. When they came back, they beat the Generals 6-0. The Keydets would end the season 3-0-1. VMI had two additional undefeated seasons in 1892 and 1894, and a total record of 32–10–2 during the 19th century, setting the tone as being one of the state’s top football schools. Although they were technically undefeated in 1899 by a virtue of a lone win over Washington & Lee, the season was cut short and all cadets were sent home due to an outbreak of typhoid fever. The Keydets biggest rivalry began in 1920 when VMI shutout the Citadel Bulldogs, 35-0, that rivalry would become known as, The Military Classic of the South.




Virginia Tech Athletics
VAMC inaugural football team photo.


In 1892 another football team came, one that could prove it was the best in the state, the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (Virginia Tech) Gobblers. They played their first game against the St. Albans Lutheran Boys School, the Gobblers would beat them 14-10. The first college the Gobblers would play were the Emory & Henry Wasps. In 1895, the Hokies would be in the first edition of the greatest rivalry in Virginia, The Commonwealth Clash. The Virginia Cavaliers would shut out the Gobblers, 0-38. Since then, after its 1970 reestablishment, Virginia Tech would rise up and dominate the older D1 Football Bowl Subdivision school by a staggering 58-37-5 all time record, and recently beating the Cavaliers 14 consecutive matchups after Virginia’s 2003 35-21 victory.





Tribe Athletics Newspaper, W&M
College of William and Mary Orange and White Football team, 1893. 125 Years of W&M Football.


The College of William and Mary is the second-oldest college in the United States, with the first being Harvard. However, their football team is only the ninth-oldest in the state of Virginia. Beginning in 1893, the College of William and Mary Orange and Black (old school’s colors) Football team, lost their first game to the Norfolk YMCA 4-16, they would go on to win two of their three games. They would also go through several name changes during the 1900s, finally ending with the name, Tribe. The newly-renamed Tribe would be playoff bound ten times, win twelve conference championships, and would face their FCS rival, Richmond in the Capital Cup, leading the series, 62-60-5.





State of HBCUs
Hampton Institute Football team photo- 1921

College football has taken a path not easily talked about… segregation. The first Historically Black College or University (HBCU) in Virginia was the Hampton Institute (renamed Hampton University), opened in 1868, it educated former slaves and continued that tradition well into the 1900s, when the football team was created in 1902, however it was not perfect, not much is written about the team’s past, but the Hampton Pirates would go on to win seven HBCU National Championships, nineteen Conference championships, and a fierce rivalry with Howard University in Washington D.C., that even former President of the United States, Barack Obama referenced it in his commencement speech at 2010 Hampton University, “Now, before we get started, I just want to say, I’m excited the Battle of the Real H.U. will be taking place in Washington this year. (Laughter.) You know I am not going to pick sides. (Laughter.) But my understanding is it’s been 13 years since the Pirates lost. (Applause.) As one Hampton alum on my staff put it, the last time Howard beat Hampton, The Fugees were still together.”  At the time, Hampton was in the midst of a series long 14 game win streak. Hampton would leave the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) in 2017 and will join the Big South Conference to fill in the vacancy created by VMI.



Old Dominion’s Travis Fulgham, left, stiff arms Virginia Tech’s Bryce Watts during the second half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018, in Norfolk, Va. Old Dominion won 49-35. (AP Photo/Jason Hirschfeld)

In 1930, William and Mary established a football program for their Norfolk Division school, The W&M Norfolk Division Braves would quickly bury their ties with the College of William and Mary by beating their football team’s freshman players, 13-7. The Norfolk Division Braves would play from 1930-1940, and would be re-established in 2008 as the new Old Dominion University Monarchs. The newly renamed Monarchs would be in the Colonial Athletic Association with their parent school, the College of William and Mary Tribe in the NCAA D1 FCS, they would leave the CAA in 2013 and would join the NCAA D1 FBS Conference USA in 2014, they would go to the Bahamas Bowl in 2016, where they would win 24-20. In 2018, they would achieve their biggest upset against ACC’s Virginia Tech Hokies, winning 49-35 at Foreman Field during their 10th anniversary of the Monarch re-establishment, the upset was so significant that it even received an ESPY nomination in 2019. On April 26th, 2019, Oshane Ximines (Giants) became the first ODU Monarch to be drafted into the NFL, followed by Travis Fulgham (Lions), and having the most players signed into the NFL than all the other D1 schools in all of Virginia (5 players were signed, with the 2 draftees.), they even helped break the 25-year streak of drafted players for Virginia Tech. In 2019, the Monarchs opened their season at their new home (SB Ballard Stadium) against their former FCS rival, NSU, which they have faced since their transition to FBS, the rivalry would be known as, FCS Farewell, the Monarchs are now leading the series 5-0, thanks to the 21-24 victory. the only football rivalry in Virginia to have one team undefeated.





Daily Press
HBCUs Hampton University and Norfolk State during the Battle of the Bay.


Speaking of NSU, just 14 mins away from Old Dominion University, they also had a long way to go to be where they are today, originally named, Norfolk Unit of Virginia Union University, a traditional HBCU, opened its football team in 1938, the NUVUU Bears became independent in 1940, they joined the NCAA in 1958, then went to the NAIA in 1965-1984, they rejoined the NCAA as a Division II school in 1973. During that time they were reorganized into Norfolk State University and found membership in the Central Intercollegiate Athletics Association. In 1997, they became independent as they transitioned to Division I and into the FCS, they would settle in the MEAC and rejoin their crosstown rivals, ODU. Before rejoining the NCAA, the Spartans would win six conference championships, and initiate a famous rivalry with fellow HBCU, Hampton University Pirates, the rivalry would be forever known as, the Battle of the Bay, The Spartans currently lead the famous rivalry, 28-26-1.




JMU Athletics
JMU Coach, Mike Houston leads the Dukes, with two players bearing the Virginia and American flags


In 1972, James Madison University established its football program as an independent. Soon after, the Dukes would go on to win two FCS National Championships, seven conference titles, and reach playoffs fifteen times. JMU would join the NCAA D1 Yankee Conference in 1993, moving to Atlantic 10 in 1996, and finally settled in the FCS Colonial Athletics Association.







NBC Sports
Liberty claims win in first game as member of the FBS.

The sole surviving Independent football program in the state of Virginia are the Liberty Flames, established in 1973. The Flames would end up going to the non-conference playoffs only once in 2014, achieve a perfect season in 2007, with eight conference championships in the FCS Big South Conference, six as co-champions and two outright, they would become FBS Independent in 2018, joining famous schools, such as, West Point, Notre Dame, BYU, UMass, and soon UConn.







Within the 150 years of college football, the Commonwealth of Virginia has been a part of its history for 138 years. Welcome to the 150th season of college football, here’s to another 150.



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